Creating the Rails Application

Let’s start by creating a standard Rails application using the following command:

$ rails _4.0.4_ new mystore

Adding Spree to Your Rails Application

Now that we have a basic Rails application we can add Spree to it. This approach would also work with existing Rails applications that have been around for a long time (assuming they are using the correct version of Rails.)

After you create the store application, switch to its folder to continue work directly in that application:

$ cd mystore

Now let’s add Spree to our Rails application:

$ spree install --auto-accept

Note that this command will add the Spree dependencies to your gemfile. If you are using a custom build of Spree, or are bundling Spree from Github, you may want to use the rails generator provided by the spree gem instead:

bash $ rails generate spree:install

This will run the spree generator using the version of Spree you have defined in your Gemfile. Running spree install with a custom source or build will generate an error as your Gemfile will be amended to require different versions of Spree.

Hello, Spree!

You now have a functional Spree application after running only a few commands! To see it, you need to start a web server on your development machine. You can do this by running another command:

$ rails server

This will fire up an instance of the Webrick web server by default (Spree can also use several other web servers). To see your application in action, open a browser window and navigate to http://localhost:3000. You should see the Spree default home page:

The next thing you’ll probably want to do is to log into the admin interface. Use your browser window to navigate to http://localhost:3000/admin. You can login with the username spree@example.com and password spree123.

If you elected not to use the –auto-accept option when you added Spree to your Rails app, and did not install the seed data, the admin user will not yet exist in your database. You can run a simple rake task to create a new admin user.

bash $ rake spree_auth:admin:create

Upon successful authentication, you should see the admin screen:


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